WCS-T guide

The WCS Transaction extension (WCS-T) defines a standard way of inserting, deleting and updating coverages via a set of web requests. This guide describes the request types that WCS-T introduces and shows the steps necessary to import coverage data into a rasdaman server, data which is then available in the server's WCS offerings.

Supported coverage data format

Currently, WCS-T supports coverages in GML format for importing. The metadata of the coverge is thus explicitly specified, while the raw cell values can be stored either explicitly in the GML body, or in an external file linked in the GML body, as shown in the examples below. The format of the file storing the cell values must be one supported by the GDAL library (, such as TIFF / GeoTIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG etc.

InsertCoverage request

Inserting a new coverage into the server's WCS offerings is done using the InsertCoverage request.

Standard parameters:

Request parameter Value Description Required
service WCS Yes
version 2.0.1 or later Yes
request InsertCoverage Yes
inputCoverageRef a valid url. Url pointing to the GML coverage to be inserted. One of inputCoverageRef or inputCoverage is required
inputCoverage a coverage in GML format The coverage to be inserted, in GML format. One of inputCoverageRef or inputCoverage is required
useId new or existing Indicates wheter to use the coverage id from the coverage body, or tells the server to generate a new one. No

Vendor specific parameters:

Request parameter Value Description Required
pixelDataType any GDAL supported data type In cases where cell values are given in the GML body, the datatype can be indicated through this parameter. If omitted, it defaults to Byte. No
tiling same as rasdaman tiling clause (wiki:Tiling) Indicates the tiling of the array holding the cell values. No

The response of a successful coverage request is the coverage id of the newly inserted coverage.


The following example shows how to insert the coverage available at: The tuple list is given in the GML body.


The following example shows how to insert a coverage stored on the server on which rasdaman runs. The cell values are stored in a TIFF file (attachment:myCov.gml), the coverage id is generated by the server and aligned tiling is used for the array storing the cell values.

http://localhost:8080/rasdaman/ows?service=WCS&version=2.0.1&request=InsertCoverage&coverageRef=file:///etc/data/myCov.gml&useId=new&tiling=aligned [0:500, 0:500]

Coming soon: the same operation, but via a POST XML request to http://localhost:8080/rasdaman/ows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    xsi:schemaLocation=" ../wcsAll.xsd"
    service="WCS" version="2.0.1">
  <wcs:coverage>here goes the contents of myCov.gml</wcs:coverage>
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